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A month or so ago i found an awesome small company called Giggles, i think i found them on Pinterest actually when i was searching for interesting things to do with your photos. They create these awesome accordion like sets of photos, they are like a sweet little book with so many possibilities. All you have to do is pick 23 photos and email them away! I chose to send a selection of photos from the past year, so a lot of Grayson and baby franklin :) But you could do something really interesting, almost creating a sequence of photos to make a story as such. They make really unusual and unique gifts too, i plan on getting a few made for christmas this year for sure.
I love that these two ladies do it all by hand too. Once printed they cut and perforate the strip of photos by hand and it comes in a cute little box. Watch this video to see them at work.

So what did i do with mine? Well i’m resisting separating them all for now and wanted an unusual place to display them. Being a long strip it needed to be a long space. I opted for the bit of the stairs where the ceiling of the bottom floor starts. It’s nice because as you walk down the stairs you get this strip of lovely photos to remind you of the loves in your life! I think i’ll separate them at some point and create a more square display somewhere in the house but it just shows how versatile they are. You could scrap book with them, give a single photo to a friend, keep them in your purse and so on and so on!
IMG_6957 IMG_6958 IMG_6956
Please visit their website and have a go at creating your own tiny accordion book of photos!

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