Mummy interview – Amy Ducker Jacques

Welcome to the first of the mummy interview series. It will mostly concentrate on mums with more than one child. Being a mum of two is a scary prospect so i thought it would be an interesting insight into the world of multiple children for both myself and my readers.

First up is Amy Ducker Jacques. Someone i met on facebook and did a family portrait illustration for. I then figured out we lived on the same street! annoyingly after we had moved, oh well hehe She a beautiful lady with two beautiful girls, i hope you enjoy her interview as much as it did :)

-Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m Amy, a mummy of 2 beautiful little girls, Lainey 2 & Fifi 1.
I work for the NHS as part of the District Nurses. I love my job & I love being a mum.

-Tell us about your children? are their personalities completely different? etc
Laineys my eldest born in jan 2011. She’s been a very busy little girl since day one, she has a million questions about day to day life & is very clever for her age. When she was 13 months old her little sister Fifi came to join us in 2012. Fifi is a very giggly, happy baby, just started walking & loves to copy everything Lainey does. They’re the closest of sisters & friends and anyone can see this in the moment you meet them as they introduce each other ??

-Did you always want more than one?
We always knew we’d have more than one baby (just not as soon as we did)

To be honest, awful I know, but when we found out we where having our second baby I was terrified, I cried for hours & was distraught over the thought of having to be pregnant all over again. Lainey was only 6 months old & we where already 10 weeks pregnant. It didn’t take long for me to come round to the idea/reality of a little brother or sister for Lainey. My hubby knew from the moment of a positive test that it was a blessing.

-What fears did you have during your second pregnancy regarding having two?

The fears I was faced with was that only 6 months ago I’d had an awful labour ending in a very messy emergency section. That scared me. I’m also not very good at being pregnant, I get very big very quick, had to stop driving at 4 months as my bump was touching the wheel & was in & out of hospital with complications.
I was scared that we’d done such a good job of making Lainey a lovely little girl that that might go out the window with a tiny baby to look after. I wondered if a crying baby would wake Lainey. I wondered and worried how tired I’d be since I’m a breast feeding mummy so it’s only me doing the night feeds!
All of the above I drove myself mad with, as soon as Fifi got here everything just went smoothly Fifi was a very good baby and slotted in to our daily routine with out a hitch bless her.

-What did you learn from bringing up your first child, that you carried though to your second one?
I learnt that a good routine is key to a smooth running household with a baby. And I’ve got both girls in a lovely routine of sleeping 10-12 every day that gives me 2hrs of me time (washing & ironing being what I get as ‘me’ time)

-Are there any tips you’d pass on to a mum about to have her second?

Tips hmmmmm? I don’t think I do have any really. Every mummy does it different an its what works for you & your little family. I think as long as you all love each other and are all crazy excited about meeting the new addition nothing can fail.

-What about equipment, did you learn from the first what you did and didn’t need?

With Lainey being our first we had all new & branded ‘best you can buy’ stuff, all came in after we’d had Fifi as non of it had time to make it in the loft before it was all in use again. I wouldn’t say there’s anything we didn’t use or didn’t have with either of them tbh. Coz they are so close together I didn’t really have time to figure out different ways of doing things. I did try wraps & carriers with Sophie but she didn’t like them. She just liked to be in her basket asleep or on the mat playing with lainey.
We did have to buy a double buggy though & they cost more than a small car!! So we got a second hand Phil & Teds. Absolute god send that thing.

-What does an average day look like in the jacques household?
It’s all go from 7am till 7pm. It doesn’t feel like home when the house is quiet and there’s nothing to do. We’re always making, baking, drawing, walking, playing etc etc. never a dull moment at our house. Mostly filled with giggles.

Finally. To all you beautiful ladies who are reading this expecting your first, second or eighteenth child, cherish every second that they’re a bump and then love every min of them being your child. Becoming a mum has been the best thing in the world to me. Some days are hard don’t get me wrong, all kids have their off days and so do us mums & dads. Its normal to be exhausted. But it’s all part of that wonderful journey that we’ve all signed up for. Give your bump a pat from me & a cuddle from my babies to yours. All the best from the awesome foursome Amy, Gavin, Lainey Lu & Fifi (Sophie) xxx

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  1. the last slayer (@the_last_slayer) on July 1, 2013 at 8:25 pm said:

    Lovely, lovely pics and some of your words – especially about 2 close together pregnancies rang very true to me.

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